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VHS 2. Kumano Dubbing Supervision : T. Compare this anime's credits with others. No yet? Registering is freeeasyand private. Discuss in the forum, contribute to the Encyclopedia, build your own MyAnime lists, and more.

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Vixens OAV. Have you seen this? Alternative title: Visionary. Genres: comedyeroticaslice of life. Objectionable content: Pornography.

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User Ratings: 24 ratings have been given [ details ]. of episodes: 3.

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Episode titles: We have 3. Vintage: to Release dates: We have 6. Director : Taiichi Kitagawa Teruo Kogure eps Music : Hideyuki Tanaka Masahiko Kikuchi. Color setting : Yoko Wakana ep 1.

Kappei Yamaguchi as Ujita ep 1. Kumiko Nishihara as Mai Inoue ep 2B. Ken Narita as Kurahashi ep 3. Masami Toyoshima as Shizue ep 2.

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Mika Kanai as Reiko Okudera ep 1. Misa Watanabe as Sayoko Takai ep 2. Naoko Matsui as Sayuri ep 1.

Rie Iwatsubo as Misako Inoue ep 3. Hiroko Takemasa as Kaori. Hiroyuki Oshida as Maejima.

Jin Yamanoi as Staff D ep 2. Katsuya Shiga as Chairman ep 3.

Koncheeta Matsumoto as Higashita Hikaru. Kousuke Okano as Tanuo. Mika Kanai as Okudera Reiko. Miyuki Matsushita as Harumi Yokota ep 2. Miyuki Yamamoto as Mina Matsuda ep 3. Takehito Koyasu as Yabe, Toru. Tohru Furusawa as Kenichi Kurahashi ep 2B.

Tomoko Kawakami as Kanzaki ep 3. Yumiko Nakanishi as Girl B ep 1.

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Executive producer : Humphrey G. Dubbing Supervision : T. Bone Wang. Production Coordination : Karel Havle. Evyette Springs as Sayuri. Harry Krause as Mr. Jojo as Reiko Okudera. Kat Van Dam as Doreimon.

Lauren Patrice as Kanna Otaki. Vincent Baggs as Damaijin. Wally Cole as Tanuo. Wendy Talker as Kaori. Executive producer : Luis de Val. Distributor : Manga Films Spain.

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RightStuf - Anime, Manga and More. Compare Credits Compare this anime with others. The video features the song "bitter sweet darling" by the cast unit Smewthie as vixens anime as the battle costumes of all five Mew Mew girls. Wakui drew an illustration to commemorate surpassing 30 million copies. The 32 million is for copies in circulation that are not necessarily all sold, and are not copie The Summer Preview Guide Jul 22, comments. Here's how it goes: our team of critics write up their impressions instantly, to be posted here as they go along.

Each critic will cover as many shows as they can handle, giving you alternate If you're in the mo Jul 22, 1 comment.

After a boost in relevancy from Netflix, the three-episode Alice in Borderland anime is now available for streaming! It's an isekai but not that kind.

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How do the murder shenanigans pan out? How do the murder shenanigans pan out and is it any good? Novel 9 Jul 21, 1 comment. It's not nearly as egregious as what we saw in books six and seven, the two stories that set up the idea that ther According to former Science SARU animator Joan Chung, the studio's positive work environment was tainted by the anime industry's chronic problems.

Vixens (oav)

Animator wages remain low even as the demand for anime climbs and mega corporations become steadily more involved on the financing side. Under these ci With thinly veiled commentary on the U. This series is streaming Jul 20, 0 comments. The anime original, girl-focused episode is all set-up for next month's new movie which has a lot of similarities to the Meta Liberation Army plot. Most importantly, is the new villain hot? Jacki, Lynzee, and AJ give the lowdown on the anime original, girl-focused episode where Uraraka and Co try To celebrate the release of this hotly-anticipated sequel, we chatted directly vixens anime producer Tomohiko Hirano, Square Enix character de legend Tetsuya Nomura, and key character deers Gen Kobayashi and Miki Yamashita.

To celebrate the release of this hotly-anticipated sequel, we were gi