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Tsumino offers many XXX porn books, plus animated graphic novels that cover a ton of different, more taboo themes and topics. Mainstream sex is also found here, including vaginal penetration, straight sex, gay-sex, lesbian sex, group sex, anal sex, blowjobs, oral sex, and a wide range of others. Things get super hardcore, with many anime XXX porn movies tsunimo manga well. One of the things I like most about hentai porn movies and comics is the ability to mix reality with many unrealistic scenarios and body types. You can find sex comics featuring aliens, sex comics featuring monsters, and taboo films of all types.

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Computer generated artwork sets, often singular images without panels in full color that appear less hand-drawn and have more detailed backgrounds. Generally, they also have text and tell a linear story. Any self-published or self-distributed H-manga or comics of Asian origin, usually containing panels and text.

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Often involves parodies of existing anime, manga, video games, etc. Parodies are not a requirement for doujins, however. What matters is that they are self-published. Computer generated works, often frames from Eroge erotic games. H-Manga or just "Manga" are pornographic comics by Asian artists published by a 3rd party. Typically only feature original content. Usually they're published within anthologies or tankoubons. Doujins that move in real time, with sound and audio.

Similar to the classic doujin.

When a character is rapidly progressing in age during the story. For any possible reason: Magic, Time, by use of a machine etc. The opposite of Age Progression. When a character is rapidly regressing in age during the story. Exaggerated lust-filled expression mostly occurring during a sexual climax e.

Scenes featuring a creature coming from outer space and possessing intelligence.

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An object is inserted into the ass and goes all the way through the body, coming out in the mouth, or vice versa. Most commonly it's tentacles. Refers to sexual acts involving the insertion of an object into the anus.

May also refer to any character resembling a deity or a divine being. A boy who is half human, half animal. Encompasses dog boys, cat boys, mouse boys, etc. A girl who is half human, half animal.

Usually tied with a tag like Fox Girl, Cat Girl, etc. A book where the MC uses a app for sexual purposes, this can be with magical means or not depending on what the app does. May refer to any sexual act involving the armpits or a particular focus on them.

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A collection of images and graphics of a given topic from a published book. The intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain, often for sexual arousal through strangling, hanging, deepthroat etc. An aunt is having sex with her nephew or niece.

Must be used along with Incest. The act of sucking yourself. Usually requires and appears along with the "Huge Penis" tag. Using a band-aid, pasties or similar objects to cover the genitals, could be the nipples or pussy or both.

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Intercourse initiated within a bathroom. Includes public restrooms and office rest rooms. Any bathroom is acceptable.

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This is the male equivalent for "BBW", with the difference that the majority of them aren't beautiful at all and even more ugly on the inside than on the outside. Abbreviation for "Big Beautiful Woman". A lifestyle with one partner being the dominant one and the other one being submissive.

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Doesn't necessitate the Bondage tag, but often appears alongside with it. Refers to sexual relations between a human and an animal. Do not use this tag for monsters, monster girls or furries. Breasts with enormous areolae.

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They should be roughly as big as a third of the breast's surface or larger to qualify for this tag. As the name says, asses that are very large. Size estimate to qualify: Roughly double the head size of the character. A two-piece swimwear covering the breasts and genitals. Use this tag along with the "Swimsuit" tag since it's also a type of Swimsuit.

A woman giving birth to a living creature, whether it's human or not. Don't use this for "Egg Laying". A character has sex with both the same and opposite genders. Do not use this for threesomes or other group sex scenes unless the characters of the same gender are tsunimo manga interacting with each other. A character is being forced into providing sexual favors through threat or disclosing information.

Refers to a character whose sight is obstructed by an object e.

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Gym garments often worn by Japanese schoolgirls. Needs to be tagged along 'Sportswear' tag. Altering parts of the body in some artificial way, typically with technology. Not to be used for Gender Bending or futas.

Able to be tagged with shemale as long as mentioned they undergone a surgery. Painting a body, mostly to simulate pieces of clothing. Don't confuse this with "Body Writing" or "Tattoos". Body swap occurring between the characters of the story.

Most common between a man and a woman. Various words or drawings made on the person's body, usually include derogatory terms such as "slut" or "cum dumpster" Don't confuse this with "Body Painting" or "Tattoos". Any full-body suit that is form-fitting; must cover the arms and legs. Various items can be used such as rope, tsunimo manga, tape, tentacles or other restraints. Penetrating the brain.

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Can also be used when the character's brain is being messed with to either manipulation, or sexual stimulation purposes. A fetish that involves repeated ejaculation on a person, often by many people at once. Either a bunny and human hybrid or a character wearing tsunimo manga bunny girl outfit.

Tagged with animal boy or girl depending on the gender of the bunny hybrid. A domestic worker, often serving rich families in large households. Often wears a tuxedo with a tie or bowtie. Either a Feline and human hybrid or a character wearing a cat girl outfit. Can be tagged with animal boy or girl depending on the gender of the Feline hybrid.

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Torture can be inflicted by: Slapping, Squeezing, Pinching, Weights, etc. The testicles can stand great pain but caution should be taken. Either a horse and human hybrid with a horse body or a human body and horse tail and ears.