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Developer: FariseoStudio Consider supporting the dev if you like the game and want them to do what they love. Click on dev's link for more info. The game follows the story of the innocent and virgin daughter of a noble family, who has to escape from her fief to save her life. Her mission is to warn the queen of the arrival of a new evil, the army of walkers living dead who raze everything in their path.

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Views: 15K. The Chant of Dead - You are back in the year where magic reigns supreme.

Four kingdoms are in a huge battle to control the town. Finally, there is a truce, but on the morning of the rising of a seventh new moon, something weird happens.

You are the woman who has to tell the queen that an army of the undead is about to come to wreak havoc on the city and then find a sexy way to save the village. Ze - Jun 18, In My New Life, you play a young man whose father recently remarried a woman named Maria. She also has two daughters.

The chant of dead

Your dad suddenly goes away on business and you are left In Domination Quest you play the part of a young girl called Asus. She wants to go on a glorious adventure and be a mighty warrior like her mom was. Along the way, she meets A Chapter 4 in this sexy incest filled visual porn adventure.

Involving a father and his stepdaughters running a bar. You must have the other three chapters in order to play thi Chapter 5 in this incest porn adventure involving a father and two stepdaughters running a bar and ending up in some sexy scenarios.

However, for sex lovers, be aware this cha The Chant of Dead [v 1. If error while loading, please. Rating: 5 Votes: 3.

Rate this game:. Ze - Jun 18, yeah, no.

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