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How old am I: 25
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Hair: Chestnut
What is my body type: My figure features is athletic
Favourite music: Techno
I like piercing: Eyebrow piercing
Smoker: Yes

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I've listened to you so often, and enjoyed your performances to such an extent that I believe some small thank you is in order. I hope this suffices. I know you like situations, stories around each and every tale of orgasms. But this is for you, and I'm not going to pretend I know exactly how to seduce you, what turns you on, though I'll give sxy kitten details that I hope hit the mark.

Maybe you enjoy blond hair and blue eyes on a young man old enough to be a graduate student. Perhaps you prefer a man exactly your own age only darker, sexier, with a deep soothing voice. Maybe you even have a lover who you preferred to sleep with and not keep. Pick what images you will.

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Now place in your imagination a wide, four-poster bed, perfect to be laid spread-eagled and eagerly fucked. Maybe a little later. Right now, just imagine two firm hands gently massaging your shoulders. After all, one must get comfortable, shouldn't we? You look a little tense after dinner Well, you could call it footsie if you didn't mind my foot sliding up and down your leg, and even further. Maybe I should've drawn the line after I found out you weren't wearing knickers under your skirt.

Well, naughty girls should expect something to happen when they do things like that, shouldn't they? Then again, maybe we should've warned the wait staff—they looked scandalized. Did you cum? I suppose it doesn't matter I kiss your neck gently, then right behind your left ear, moving to suck on your earlobe.

My hand finish with their massage and move down your back, sxy kitten cupping your ass before sliding to your waist, drawing you close to me. Can you feel my erection against you? You turn to face me and I close my arms around you, kissing you deeply. Maybe you could taste my last drink still on my tongue. I wrap my tongue around yours and draw it into my mouth, massaging your tongue with mine and sucking on it gently.

My hands wander up and down your spine, lightly stroking you as I make love to your mouth. I kiss you passionately until I elicit one of your sexy moans. Then I cup your buttocks once again and I lift you onto the bed, laying you out there. My hands travel up your sides, my thumbs lightly brushing the curve of your breasts as they pass. They wander up your arms, drawing them up above your head, and I press down a little, not quite holding you down yet.

Then again, there's no need to. You feel the snap of metal close around your wrists as you find yourself sxy kitten handcuffed to the bedposts. You look up to see that the bindings around your wrists are covered in soft cloth and silk, but the handcuffs are real. You can pull and struggle as much as you like and you won't hurt yourself, but you're not going anywhere.

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You fight it briefly, but furiously. I know your style, and while cloth would never do, I find leather to be wasted for restraints, I think they're better elsewhere I move up and I kiss the inside of your wrist, and then I slowly move my way down your arm kissing it, wanting to taste every bit of you. By the time I make it halfway past your bicep, I move down, coming sxy kitten for your neck. I latch onto it and I suck on the spot right behind your ear, then I kiss and bite and lick my way down your neck, following along the nerve down to your shoulder.

I use my arms to make sure I'm not pressing against you, and I make certain you can't arch your back into me, pressing your nipples against my chest. You're not going to feel one blessed thing unless I want you to. If you think you're a dirty, naughty little tease, well, you'd be right.

Thankfully for you, I'm not a tease I kiss at the hollow of your throat, sucking at the skin. Then I start to unbutton your blouse by one button—you've had it down so far all evening, I don't think I need more than that right now.

I kiss down between your breasts, certain not to touch either tit just yet. Frustrating, isn't it? I pause for a moment once I come down to the last button. I ponder whether sxy kitten not I should slowly unbutton your blouse, kissing down to your belly button the whole way, or if I should just rip it open. Once I have your blouse open, I move my mouth down to the side of your right breast, kissing and sucking along the globe. My right hand gently brushes around your other breast, leaving the nipple almost entirely alone.

Both hand and tongue work their way closer and closer towards the nipples. I move slowly and diligently. And then my mouth stops at the edge of sxy kitten nipple. Wow, they look hard, almost as hard as pencil erasers. I take my tongue and lightly circle the edge of your nipple, staying just far enough away from the center to be irritating. My fingertip circles your other nipple lightly.

Each time you try to force me to taking more, I pull away, letting you sit for at least a minute. I'm patient, you know. Once you settle down, I blow gently, making the saliva evaporate, cooling your nipples. You gasp. Finally, I lean down and I suck your nipple into my mouth, lightly nipping it, and then I suck hard on you, trying to leave a hickey on your breast.

On your other breast at the same time, I pinch you nipple lightly, just hard enough to have a grip when I tweak it. I do this over and over, alternating between nipple with mouth and hands for ten minutes, purposefully driving your crazy. I smile up at you, kissing and lightly biting my way up your inner thighs.

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I kiss around your pussy lips, not yet touching them. I look at you and grin. And you say Please in that long, drawn out, begging voice that turns on so many. You always knew how to say the magic word. I go down on you with a vengeance, directly sucking on your clit as I drive two fingers into your pussy, playing with you.

I use my tongue as well, French kissing these lips, making you jerk on the bed, causing your legs to close around me.

I work you furiously. My other hand moves towards your ass. You can guess what happens then. I keep it up sxy kitten you come with that sexy growl of yours. However, I don't stop. I just wait for your orgasm to start to come down, and then I continue, and I make sure you come twice more before I even think of crawling up your sexy body, releasing your restraints, and holding you down with my hands.

I use my body weight to hold down your hands as my rock hard cock presses against your entrance. I hope you enjoyed your little tryst. Just remember sxy kitten, the Catwoman, has an upcoming date with the security officer who awaits. Log In Up. Explore New Story.