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There's a really unusual erotic game in front of you, in which you may attempt yourself in the role of a high school instructor at a girls' college. These naughty girls do not need to know at all - they are prepared to do anything except study! Through the course, you should track your pupils and punish people who break the rules, and also promote diligent students. At your disposal are many resources for punishments and benefits, as well as many rulesyou'll need to follow.

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Name: Register Your Comment:. Nuts get stuck to your leg when they sweat Just get the silver trophy, turn on the ability and pray.

Also this helps if your not on computer, you need to be real quick with this. Nuts get stuck to your leg when they sweat It clearly states that the jade quest is no easy one. Do not complain simple mortals.

Jonny Nikki Please update new release They released 0. Rajkumar Rajkumar.

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NickD the game is broken when trying to get the jade trophy. GoD SuX not much of a game and it gets boring after 1st class since its same on every class. Some Guy The girl in the fist game were sexier.