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Search forums. Forums Main Hentai Hentai Games. Thread starter Kusanagi Start date Jul 4, gorepete legend of krystal sakyubasu no tatakai. First Prev 3 of 18 Go to. ed May 2, Messages Reputation score Re: RUSH! BlueSlime said:.

I'm not sure what you're trying to say here, MegatronYES. Having one hand take care of movement and the other take care of the controls suits me just fine. In side scrolling games like this one, having a WASD movement would mean putting the attack, backflip, and mind control buttons on the right hand side of the keyboard.

Why is it obnoxious to stick with the d-pad and use the zxcv keys for actions? It seems very intuitive and easy. ed Aug 12, Messages 7, Reputation score I don't do that at the same time that I play. No wonder you guys have such trouble getting past the bosses - you're all distracted. ed Jun 30, Messages Reputation score I have always felt that ANY hentai game is automatically failing at providing a decent control scheme if it requires two hands to play it Of course, I happen to be a southpaw in virtually every sense so I've always preffered h-games that exclusively involve mouse clicks so that's a problem that can never be perfect for all users, but it still doesn't excuse things the nature of Fairy Fighting's control scheme and complete lack of a proper gallery which deliberately and uneccesarily impedes the user from getting to the content.

But that's not really the issue with making the arrow keys movement instead of making the god damn WASD keys movement like we should all expect everything we ever play to do. The issue is which hand controls movement and which controls the actions.

Most flash-based platformers are directly asking people to constantly invert their own handedness from the basic notion of controls that has existed for twenty years now. Kiva Jungle Girl. ed May 5, Messages 49 Reputation score 4. I fap during rape scenes, and quickly go back to my controls when rape is over, that is why I like run or rape games, the small window that creates to possibly get the rape going again is the only way for me to be raped legitimately in some games, sometimes it sucks being so good at these games.

Kiva said:. Kusanagi Chief Nippleseer.

ed Nov 10, Messages 4, Reputation score Two updates have come out in the past week. Latest one is in first post. one: gorepete2 said:. Original purpose of "talk" feature in base is to give clues to the hidden stuff.

Just haven't added them yet. Incubus Horn Dog. ed Jan 7, Messages 2, Reputation score Sifer2 Demon Girl Master. ed Jan 18, Messages Reputation score 7. Incubus said:. Omnimek Jungle Girl. ed Nov 21, Messages 11 Reputation score 1. Last edited: Jul 19, Nanie Lurker. ed Oct 6, Messages Reputation score ed Apr 26, Messages Reputation score Papanomics Lurker. ed Dec 2, Messages 1, Reputation score DarkShadow Demon Girl Pro. ed Oct 26, Messages Reputation score I just tried this game and there is no audio.

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Is that normal or have I encountered a glitch? Papanomics said:. Saying some of you guys are responsible makes you sound like an egotistical, arrogant turd. Ganonxchii Demon Girl. ed Dec 19, Messages 95 Reputation score DarkShadow said:. New update.

World Map and a new throw-away scene in the 'nap' part. World Map let's you go back to levels duh. Though, the soul counters don't reset, so you can't cheat the system and power up early on. Still, nice for if you screw up and want to go back for that soul you missed.

Still can't do shit to the second level boss. Well in regards to the game being too easy. It's a porn game for goodness sakes. One that was wisely deed to be played one handed lol.

For : sakyubasu no tatakai

Ideally these games should be just hard enough to make you feel like your earning some porn but not really that tough to win. I think he did a good job so far though he will need to add tutorial stuff at the start for those with less patience.

MrMe Lurker. ed Nov 26, Messages 1, Reputation score Why did they give it a Japanese name? Is the the dev Japanese or yet another fucking weaboo? ed May 7, Messages 6 Reputation score 2.

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I have broken shield of the central tentacle or it is pillar? Just attack pink spot on the left tentacle when after it moved up to its limit. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar thre.

Kusanagi Aug 30, 2.