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This time around we get to sit back and enjoy an adventure as a secret agent, so hit that Auto button, sit back and relax as another amazing story plays out before your eyes. It can also be used to manually move onto the next scene.

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Scrolling the mouse wheel goes back to scenes. The story is great but as I mentioned this title has numerous spelling and grammar issues so points are deducted for that. Amazing artwork as we have come to expect from the deers at Winged Cloud, this time around we have a modern setting in the city and its surrounding areas.

Do not let that dampen your spirits, great attention to detail has been invested into each scene, inside and out to give us a spectacular and very pleasing visual look and feel in each setting. The character de has been done quite decently as well. However, as I mentioned in my foreword, Winged Cloud has more than enough years and games behind the belt to have moved onto the next stage in presentation, in their scenes, and character des. These static images should have been worked out a few titles ago already.

Truth be told there are other developers out there newer and with much less backing and funding that are able to deliver the next step in visual novel presentation. It is high time that Winged Cloud stepped up; points are deducted for this flaw, because frankly this is something that should have been obvious to them by now. As always you get to play the game in Fullscreen or Window mode.

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The sounds are brilliantly done and added to each scene, setting the tone for the story as it plays out. Each scene depending on the situation of the story at that stage has certain music playing for it, which can be anything from an upbeat tune to something simple that stays at the back of your mind as you read the story.

Another thing to note here is that some of the tones feel way too short in duration and repeat themselves making some of them quite annoying. Pressing V in the game activates a self-voicing system that is just terrible and totally unappealing to use. Saving and then making a choice until you unlocked the scene, afterwards loading the save and choosing the different option to unlock the second scene and proceed with the game. So much so to the point where an assistant was placed with him to keep an eye on him and report his behaviour to the board, with the intent that if he does not better himself his mind will be scrubbed and he will be placed into a mundane job.

The story however does turn into an exciting plot twist, but that you will have to experience for yourself. Aliens, everyone loves a good alien game; it is something different for a change which is a nice change of pace, I think.

As the story before plays out, romance s the mix. With this title there is more sexual content present in the game, there are some actual scenes where strong sexual content is present, no actual nudity is present in the standard game but it still falls under NSFW for sure. The adult patch which can be downloaded from the Winged Cloud Patreon is manually placed inside the installation folder of the game.

This patch adds several new Gallery scenes to the menu and changes certain in game images to actual nude content such as exposing the nipple areas which are usually covered by hair or some other small obstruction. A few new lines also appear here and there mentioning the changes so that they fit in with the new visible scenes. Other scenes script lines throughout the game are also replaced with more sexual reference whereas before they were lighter in nature. The game is also expanded by having certain in game scenes pro longed with events leading to sex scenes playing out.

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Sakura agent

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