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Return to Free sexy games. Ryan Blender by lessonofpassion Complete and totally free games the author can request a non-obligatory financial contribution in thanks or to help him to create new game. Post a reply.

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Ryan Blender by lessonofpassion by leonizer » Fri, 14Jan17 Hello guys, Today we've launched a new adventure game with Ryan Blender - private detective. Thanks to the internet, the Private Eye business isn't nearly as rewarding as it used to be, and the lack of excitement is killing Ryan.

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He needs some adventure, a challenge He even once tried to sell a set of pics involving a African American Politician and a hot widow, but once the parties involved found out, he got his ass kicked so he quit that part of the business. Just some animation that goes to fast to be real.

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Personally I like the detective stories. Re: Ryan Blender by lessonofpassion by gamebp » Fri, 14Jan17 nice but some animations requires a lot of cpu on computer your sea animations on the map or on the beach.

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The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. Re: Ryan Blender by lessonofpassion by ltpika » Fri, 14Jan17 I'm experiencing the slowdown as well.

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Re: Ryan Blender by lessonofpassion by gamebp » Fri, 14Jan17 same comment for the oral sex scenes, but only when i move the mouse. There are two things I miss. An interactive sex scene with Blue at the end.

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An end with the young blond Whats up with the font? It looks horrible.

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Re: Ryan Blender by lessonofpassion by lodubaba » Sun, 14Jan19 not able to open 4th ending Re: Ryan Blender by lessonofpassion by gamebp » Sun, 14Jan19 lodubaba wrote: not able to open 4th ending You send Blue in jail. Ryan is happy in his job.

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You reported Blue to the police after you find the stolen paintings. I've a full walkthrough on my website if you need one but it's not really a hard game.

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Cause if so that is awesome!