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Tutorials :: RPG Tsukuru Transfer save files to sequel games For RPG MakerThis simple tutorial allows a save file transfer between RPG Maker 2k or 2k3 games that are linked together, such as sequels or chapters released separately. This system allows you to create different games where the players can keep their experience levels, items, equipment, money and other forms of progress achieved in games when starting another one. Note that the Save.

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Rpg maker saving locations!

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Transfer save files to sequel games

Forums Discussion General Troubleshooting Solved. Android save game location. Thread starter openSquadw4 Start date Nov 4, Jan 8, Well this is not just for one gamei have problems with others nowith all games. I just cant find save gamedownload many backup app and other stuffsearch on google then i see those stuff i have no idea what are they talking aboutsomething like internal private storage and storage put only for app.

Is that hard to find save game or im just stupid? Then i go crazy and cant find a nothing and that was week since now i think there is good people and they maybe will help me or that is just fairy tale.

Android save game location

Reactions: Removee. Jan 12, 1, 1, If your smartphone has a SD card, your saves are most likely there. Either you take the card out of your phone and you put it in your pc through a SD adapter ,or you connect the smartphone to your pc via USB cable. The pc will open the content of the SD card as an external drive e. As for other engines, I don't know. Aug 11, Unofficially, learn about root and its risks.

Access vs security. I guess i have no luck or those rpg games for mobile are just for "fun".

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How about using the built-in Windows search function? PS: are the apps still on your smartphone, right?

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Because I've read on a You must be registered to see the links. Renpy gamers Active Member. Aug 31, Jun 3, 12 6. Renpy gamers said:.

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Oct 1, 13, 10, Nope doesn't work on zombie's Retreat. Reactions: unreal7. Respected User.

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Jan 27, 5, 17, No the problem is that I don't found the folder of the game TheBlueKnight said:. I think the save folder might be in the games WWW folder just like on PC, but my emulator doesn't like the apk so I can't make sure looking inside with 7Zip that's where it is though.

To be clear I can't use the saves from the pc version? Reactions: the Daniel Crusoe Member. Sep 20, So TheBlueKnight said:.

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Daniel Crusoe said:. Zapdosmoltres1 Newbie. Mar 4, 29 It would be really great if you could guide us through this process. Sorry forgot the noob alert. Reactions: Zapdosmoltres1.

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Paapi said:. How to save game your rpg game port??

Reactions: ThatchItUp and Paapi. Incest games fan Active Member.

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Jun 16, So you can't back up your rpg save in Android? How is this even possible. Reactions: Kantoraketti.

ToastyB New Member. Nov 7, 2 0.

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