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Ren'Py ships with a of actions, values, and functions intended for use with screens and the screen language. Actions are invoked when a button including imagebuttons, textbuttons, and hotspots is activated, hovered, or unhovered.

Actions may determine when a button is selected or insensitive. Along with these actions, an action may be a function that does not take any arguments. The function is called when the action is invoked.

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If the action returns a value, then the value is returned from an interaction. Ends the current statement, and calls label. Arguments and keyword arguments are passed to renpy. Causes the current interaction to return the supplied value, which must not be None. This is often used with menus and imagemaps, to select what the return value of the interaction is. This causes another screen to be shown. The arguments are passed to the screen being shown. Shows a transient screen. A transient screen will be hidden when the current interaction completes.

This toggles the visibility of screen.

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If it is not currently shown, the screen is shown with the provided arguments. Otherwise, the screen is hidden. Causes the a field on an object to be set to a given value. Causes the variable name to be set to value in the current local context. This function is only useful in a screen that has been use by another scene, as it provides a way of setting the value of a variable inside the used screen.

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In all other cases, SetScreenVariable should be preferred, as it allows more of the screen to be cached. This must be created in the context that the variable is set in - it can't be passed in from somewhere else. Causes the variable name associated with the current screen to be set to value.

The name argument must be a string, and can be a simple name like "strength", or one with dots separating the variable from fields, like "hero. Toggles the value of key in dict. Toggling means to invert the value when the action is performed.

Toggles field on object. Toggling means to invert the boolean value of that field when the action is performed. In all other cases, ToggleScreenVariable should be preferred, as it allows more of the screen to be cached. Toggles the membership of value in set.

If the value is not in the set, it's added. Otherwise, it is removed. The variable argument must be a string, and can be a simple name like "strength", or one with dots separating the variable from fields, like "hero. Causes us to enter the game menu, if we're not there already. If we are in the game menu, then this shows a screen or jumps to a label. If not manually specified, the default transition is config.

This can also be used to show user-defined menu screens. For example, if one has a "stats" screen defined, one can show it as part of the game menu using:.

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Causes Ren'Py to jump out of the menu context to the named label. The main use of this is to start a new game from the main menu.

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Common uses are:. These actions handle saving, loading, and deleting of files. Many of these take the name and arguments. This means loading it if the load screen is showing current screen is named "load"and saving otherwise. Sets the file towhich should be one of "auto", "quick", or an integer.

In the game script

Take a screenshot to be used when the game is saved. This can be used to ensure that the screenshot is accurate, by taking a picture of the screen before a file save screen is shown. If value is True, the channel is paused. If False, the channel is unpaused.

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If "toggle", the pause flag will be toggled. Any other keyword arguments are passed to renpy. Any keyword arguments are passed to renpy.

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Sets the mute status of one or more mixers. When a mixer is muted, audio channels associated with that mixer will stop playing audio.

Prompts the user for confirmation of an action. If the user clicks yes, the yes action is performed. Otherwise, the no action is performed.

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Disables all active InputValue. This will re-focus the default InputValue, if there is one. Otherwise, no InputValue will be focused. When it is true, the interaction restarts and the screens are updated after the function returns.

If the function returns a non-None value, the interaction stops and returns that value. If a screen named help is defined, that screen is displayed using ShowMenu and help is ignored. If help is None, config. This returns true if expression is true, and false otherwise. Use this to select an action based on an expression. Note that the default, None, can be used as an action that causes a button to be disabled. This inverts the selection state of the provided action, while proxying over renpy health bar of the other methods.

Move the mouse pointer to xy. Displays message using renpy. Queues the given event using renpy. This action causes Ren'Py to rollback to before the current statement, and then re-run the current statement. This may be used when changing a persistent variable that affects how the statement is displayed. If run in a menu context, this waits until the player exits to a top-level context before performing the rollback.

This action causes a rollforward to occur, if a roll forward is possible. Otherwise, it is insensitive. The arguments are given to renpy. This causes a rollback to an identifier to occur.

In the init section

Rollback identifiers are returned as part of HistoryEntry objects. This indicates that one action in a list of actions should be used to determine if a button is selected.

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This only makes sense when the button has a list of actions. For example:. This indicates that one action in a list of actions should be used to determine if a button is sensitive. Causes the game to begin skipping. If the game is in a menu context, then this returns to the game. Otherwise, it just enables skipping. Bar values are used with bars, to set the bar value, and to allow the bar to adjust an underlying property. To create a new bar value, subclass the BarValue class. If True, then when the field is zero, the value of the bar will be range, and all other values will be shifted down by 1.

This works both ways - when the bar is set to the maximum, the field is set to 0. The value of an adjustment that horizontally scrolls the viewport with the given id, on the current screen. The viewport must be defined before a bar with this value is. The value of an adjustment that vertically scrolls the viewport with the given id, on the current screen. Input values are used with text inputs, to set renpy health bar default text, to accept changed text, to respond to the enter key, and to determine if the text is editable by default.