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Naofumi laid on raphtalia, taking her breast in his hands. Slowly started licking and sucking her nipples and pushing in her harder. She was hitting, kicking, trying to bite him everything.

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Naofumi reached my hand up to her round ass and smacked it a good one. When he got to his room he tossed her on his bed, she came up swinging hard. It just about knocked her out. Her pussy was clamped down up to her hair, the pussy lips and clit looked smashed, it must have hurt so bad. Naofumi felt sorry for her. Her body was thrashing and kicking like crazy.

Naofumi reached and took it off and moved my cock to her mouth. Raphtalia sucked him good this time. Big tears running down her face while she sucked.

Then he took the cuffs off her feet. She shook her head yes.

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He moved her ass and hips to the edge of his bed, he got on his knees on the floor. She jumped and her back arched up. Then another long lick up her panty covered pussy pushing his tongue in between her pussy lips. The guy fucking her mouth came and cum dripped down on her face and boobs.

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Naofumi took over rolling the camera so that his friend could in the action. Raphtalia sucked his dick while the guy with the smaller dick came in her pussy and she came at the same time. Naofumi said hearing her loud moans. Raphtalia came again making her body tremble as the 6-foot guy with the huge dick fucked Raphtalia harder.

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Naofumi humped and fucked her hard. They made love the rest of the night and into the morning.

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Raphtalia had forced a girl out of her seat so she could sit at the table. Steve a new boy in town and a year older than Raphtalia told her to sit elsewhere, Raphtalia slapped Steve round the face telling him to go fuck himself, Steve stood moved past Raphtalia grinding his heel into her toes as he did, Raphtalia screamed stood up and threw a punch at Steve who blocked it and slapped her, Raphtalia threw a second punch, Steve moved quickly and got Raphtalia in an arm lock, people watched in amazement as Steve forced Raphtalia to her knees as raphtalia nhentai did he told her she needed taking down a peg or two, looked at Joe the year-old owner and asked if he could use the back yard, Joe nodded, Steve forced Raphtalia to her feet then forced her to walk into the yard while still applying the arm lock, nearly everybody in the cafe followed.

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