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It's Friday night, and you've finally closed your laptop and muted your s after a looong week of work.

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Looking to try something new for your next date night? How about a round of "Sexy Jenga" or "Strip Twister"?

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We rounded up 23 expert-approved games, from romantic to raunchy, that couples can try to have some fun, explore each other's minds and bodiesand get to know each other better. First things first: Bringing play into your relationship is so valuable. But having the structure of different games, whether they're more romantic, kinky, or somewhere in between, gives couples a chance to explore in ways they may not have considered. They're conversation starter cards, making them great for people who are looking for new ways to explore conversations and ask questions you may not normally ask, she says.

If you really want to get into play mode, Blaylock-Johnson also suggests breaking out your old Twister box. This throwback game is sure to get your bodies entwined and help you be in the moment, she says, adding, "We don't often give ourselves a chance to be mindful.

The 32 best sex games for couples to play in the bedroom

This bestselling adult board game for couples comes recommended by Fleming. The Monogamy Adult Board Game allows for plenty of conversation—and fun.

It's got over ideas for inspiration, and Fleming says it's an excellent way to get out of a sexual rut. Fog of Love is a two-person board game that involves you and your partner navigating a made-up relationship. You each have two characters who fall in love—and it's your job to keep them together.

Playing as this couple, you'll face ups and downs, laughs, and a fair amount of difficult conversations and compromise. Are you up for the challenge? This deck of cards, recommended by Fleming, is a great way for you and your partner to explore new things, playing sexy games romantic and raunchy. Each card in the Sexploration Vouchers deck has a different task on it, with half leaning more cute and romantic and the other half being a bit dirtier. Truly a couples' game, there's a reason this deck of cards recommended by Fleming is called the Ultimate Game For Couples.

You can play one-on-one or with other couples, and the cards range from questions to challenges and competitions.

Any Mad Men enthusiasts out there? You'll build estates, parks, and pools; hire employees; and more. You can play with up to five friends or just one-on-one, with each card presenting you with a "would you rather" prompt. If you don't want to answer the question, you have to forfeit aka take a shot or a sip of your drink! You can also make this a nondrinking game, and the "forfeit" take can be anything you want. Remember playing 20 Questions with your crush back in the day? Give it a drinking twist by asking your partner questions about yourself rather than you asking about them.

Say you ask them, What was the name of my high school? If they get it wrong—they take a sip.

If they get it right, you take a sip. Alternate asking each other until you've each asked your 20 questions. And for the beer pong lovers out there, this classic drinking game can easily be curated for couples by adding truth-or-dare-type questions or tasks under each of your cups. Arrange cups on either end of a table in a pyramid shape, just like normal beer pong, and place your pieces of paper under the cups.

When you get a ball in that cup, your S. A classic game staple for friends and couples alike, who doesn't love truth or dare?

You can choose deep, thought-provoking questionsor to turn up the intimacy, consider the 36 questions thought to help people fall in love. How well do you and your partner really know each other? You'll definitely find out with a few rounds of two truths and a lie. And the best part about this game is you can make it into more of a challenge by adding tasks, if you or your partner get the answer wrong.

9 sex games that are a whole lot sexier than 'truth or dare'

Whether you turn it into a drinking game, where you take a sip for every question wrong, or come up with tasks like a massage or a household chore, the options are endless. Blaylock-Johnson loves Never Have I Ever, both for one-on-one date nights, or a couples game night with friends.

The Gottmans are two of the world's leading relationship experts, and their How Well Do You Know Your Partner quiz will cover all the essential questions. Take time going through them, whether guessing each other's answers or simply allowing them to be conversation starters. If you want to test your knowledge of your partner, and improve it, Blaylock-Johnson says this is a good option to check out. And here's mbg's couples' quiz if you want another one! The And by Skin Deep is another recommendation from Blaylock-Johnson, with a deck of lots of deep questions. They also have editions for new couples, long-term couples, and even friends.

You'll have an opportunity to ask questions you may normally never think to ask, and you're sure to learn more about your partner. If you're looking for a sexy game with a touch of competition, Blaylock-Johnson suggests "Sexy Jenga.

Fleming and Blaylock-Johnson are both fans of sex dicewhich offer inspiration in the bedroom and help you two explore each other. One of the dice has locations on the body, and the other, commands i. Some sets also have a third die for a location throughout the house. Remember Mad Libs from when you were a kid?

Blaylock-Johnson says they're a great way to explore your fantasies and tell them to your partner. You can find free printables of sexy Mad Lib outlines online, or you can go the extra creative mile and totally create your own, adding in playing sexy games adjectives and nouns for one tantalizing story.

Throughout the week or nightpick randomly from the jar. Whatever card you pull is what you and your partner can explore—whether verbally or physically. Interested in role play but not sure where to start? Put on your best acting performance and try this deck of role-play cards.

Fleming notes each card gives you practical advice for different role-play scenarios, with everything from beginner to kinkier suggestions. For a sexy spin on Truth or Dare, Fleming likes Talk, Flirt, Darea card game that includes fun conversation starters and questions, flirtatious tasks, and sexy dares. One nice thing about this game is the "Talk" cards are great for a group of friends or couples, while the flirty and dare cards can be kept for playing sexy games two of you.

This board game, called Nookii gets increasingly intimate. It's all about the tease and building anticipation, Fleming says, as you're prompted to explore each other's bodies. It even comes with a little timer, if you're into a little clock-induced pressure. Or of course, you can leave the timer out and take your sweet time.

Place honey or chocolate syrup or whipped cream, etc. Then, using only your mouth or tongue, find the honey. Whether you're newly dating or have been together for yearsevery couple can make a little more room for play in their relationship. With so many games to choose from, you can have fun, spice things up in the bedroom, and learn more about each other as you play. Want your passion for wellness to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enroll today to our upcoming live office hours.

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25+ sex games for couples that will leave you hot, bothered, and satisfied

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Use Your Mouth. Fog of Love. The Ultimate Game for Couples. Welcome to Your Perfect Home.

Drinking games:. Kinky Confessions. Fleming recommends sipping rather than shots for the longer games, for obvious reasons. Beer Pong.

Fun games to get to know your partner:. Truth or Dare:. Two Truths and a Lie. Never Have I Ever. The Gottman's Couples' Quiz.