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Thank you to the patron in question! Will be in the next hotfix I talked about in the fortnightly earlier today. These two will be in the next hotfix. So mid to late last year I arranged three sets of portraits to follow on from the lamia ones with the theory of getting a bunch at ones so I can get a bunch of different versions at once… And all three ran face first hard into the Art-pocalypse. As I work to finish off the hotfix and get it out to you I got something lovely to share with you all to tide you over for a bit. Will be an asment with the above name, well, unless I come up with something better by when I get around to actually doing it.

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Here you have command of a small group of slavers initially and from there you can send out your men, woman, assorted fantasy races, monsters and so on out on various asments to earn gold, supplies and slaves. Get No Haven v.

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Download links No Haven 0. If you do these the race traits will persist through the full custom like they do currently with harpies and the like. You lose the asment bonus, will have a much harder time with respect checks, and be immune to takeover attempts for now.

Extra paragraphs added to their lorespecific eyes, and more skin variation. New compositions for the female examine, and added new ones for futa and slaves.

Thank you so much for those! Also added the auto planning to Tall Tales. Due to this added a couple of variations due to lamia still insisting on not having knees.

Also updated the current harpy starts to move their ear descriptions. Known bugs -Aspects for you are currently limited as 3 rather than 5.

Old one has updated traits, and one of the new ones is patron requested with their own commissioned art, loreand new gameplay. It is also now listed under examine integrated into the cock description. She was also losing her racial Malevolence so now she gets to keep both.

Modest should also be a more reliable order. An alternate wording for Defiant removal under the same group, and added a chance to gain Peaceful.

Bedlam games — no haven

Also updated the outcome text to show the result rather than Special, and other changes if applicable. These and other aspects can now affect estimated slave value.

For female Ogre examine and scout the deep mountains. For advanced blowjob training and slave Shadow Outcasts.

The new commission for the male draenei portrait as a new starting option. Both of the new Keldans have their own specific lore s.

Bedlam games — no haven

Slavers should now be more choosy especially with slaves of low condition when better ones are available. Game rating: 5 9. Yuhka Erotic Adventures Comment Name Website.