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The game starts in the same year as the original did, but with a twist. Thirty years prior to this, the Great Disaster occurred.

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Raw Blame. Open with Desktop View raw View blame. Decrypt all files in Game. Move decrypted files into game directory, overwrite when asked 4. Move and overwrite using MGQ Paradox Translation EX patched files, all files from the EX patch are important so only cherry pick if you know what your doing otherwise overwrite using all of them files.

Note 6: Does not overlap with Dargoth's Patch, core files are changed differently.

Though the manual install process is the same with the exception of Step 5. Transfer of saves though is possible, anything that prevents that is a bug so please report it Left side. Right side. You ed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You ed out in another tab or window. High Res World Map 1. For Those Coming From 1. Move decrypted files into game directory, overwrite when asked.

Extracted Folder containing two folders, Data and Graphics. Note 0: EX was not deed for versions bellow 1.

Note 2: Game. Modified Game. Fit fits the game window to monitor size.

Full switches to full screen unless already full screened. Window switches to window screen unless already windowed. Resize resize the window to whatever size defined in. Width Set As Positive Integer. Height Set As Positive Integer. False Disables Bonus Features Default. True Enables Bonus Features.

Save Fails To Load Default. Save Fails To Load. Names Instead Default. False Disables Displaying Status Icons. False Not Displayed Default. False Not Displayed. True Displayed Default. False Displays All The Time.

True Only When Targetted Default. Above Displayed Above Enemy. Below Displayed Below Enemy.

True Uses Custom Random Music. Optional: Re-Encrypting Data Folder. That Changed From 1.

Restore Default Actor Names. Defaults In EX Database. Custom 'Actor List. Note 1: 'Actor List.

For "Custom 'Actor List. If any of the following files are found on startup. Note: English is an example, current language set will be used. Game will sync matching entries with new values and update. However will not append new entries ones not already in rvtext file.

This feature is new and well new; Backup rvtext file before using. Thanks to: Fanservicefan For Translations. States partial translation For DatabaseTextEnglish. Word Wrap handles items that contain "Target:" differently then other items. Used Dargoth's demo patch as acceptable to Map - Iliasville Mountains. Common Events In Range, and Also Praise Game.

Updated To process special message codes. Added Function: Word. To process text outside the normal message system.

Only Battle Music Currently Implemented. Integrated ScriptTextEnglish. Cleaned Up 11 DatabaseTextEnglish. Request Fix Provided By Slaughtersday.

Update to DatabaseTextEnglish. Update to ScriptTextJapanese.

Note 1: This Doesn't Save Settings. Note 4: Game. Update to DialoguesEnglish. Full Cleanup Of Maps. Full Cleanup Of Common Events. Update to ScriptTextEnglish. Cleanup Of Common Events. Brunhilde And Chrome.

Ilias And Mandragora. Backend Items Affected. East Tartarus.