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About me

This story from Alan has been read 6 7 9 9 times. Family Harem Written by Alanongenre incest I'm Alan 29 happy, I left home at fifteen after my father died and went travelling. My mother died years before when I was four, in child birth. I had no brothers or sisters and didn't like school. I got by on odd jobs and my wits, made crude carvings and burn them to make look old and then buried in wet clay and let it dry completely.

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I would be digging holes near tourist spots and break open clumps of clay and reveal the carving inside. Always when tourist were near, I let the tourist offer money for the carving. Never ask for money, if nobody bought it. I put it back in the clay and try again later. I would get rich do that, but made enough for food and clothes.

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I stopped doing that after a two years and move on again. I done fruit and vegetable picking in season and other odd jobs to get by. I met and other travellers and travel for a while with Jean then in her fifties, she taught me a lot about life and sex. She was my first fuck and she let anytime I wanted.

But she got arrested for shoplifting and I carried on again alone.

Incest story: incestuous harem – chapter 1a: popping kissing cousin’s cherry

When I was twenty and I was near a post office, I saw a poster with my name and photo on it. It was a photo of me taken before my father died on my fourteenth birthday.

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I still had a copy of it with me. It's the only photo I had of my father, there was a phone on the poster. So I rang the to find out why they were looking for me. It was a lawyers and I was the last of my father's side of the family and a uncle I had never heard of before had died and I was the sole heir.

Incest harem stories

Once I knew, I said I would could see them in a couple of weeks. They wanted to pay for my trip to their offices, but I said I had some business to finish and would them after it was done.

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So I started heading to their offices on foot, jumping on trains and hitch hiking. I wasn't in a hurry, mainly I thought it to good to be true. After three weeks I got to the city and stayed in a men's shelter and cleaned up. Using to last money I had I bought some better clothes from a charity shop.

Incestuous harem chapter eighteen: bred by our brother

They were the best clothes I till then, a nice lady at the soup kitchen cut my hair. I told her I wanted to look for a job interview, then the next morning after sleeping the night in the shelter I headed off to the lawyers offices. I was shocked to find the offices were on 6 floors of a skyscraper and it was a large national firm.

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I had been I was left his estate and thought get as much as thousand or so dollars. Once I told reception who I was and why I was there, you would thought the President was there. People from the highest floors rushed to meet me. I admit I was a bit scared at first and I was taken to meet the boss of the firm. Once I had relaxed a bit I was told my uncle had been very wealthy and hadn't any children and passed away 3 years after my father.

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As the only living heir I got it all, cash, bonds, shares and property. I now own a penthouse and wasn't all that sure what it was. It took several weeks to finish up the paper work and I settled in to my new life. I had aunt Rosemary 40 on my mother's side of the family and her two daughter Jane 19 and Susan That all the relatives I knew about. I decided to visit them and not wanting to alarm them, I made my own way there by bus. I had on my charity shop clothes and wanted to see how they were doing.

I knew uncle Ralph had died 2 years before and that's about all I knew. Rosemary was my sister and only sibling. They weren't doing well either, when my father died and that's the main reason I headed off.

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Not wanting to be more of a burden to them, I turn up at there place but they moved years before and were now living in a shack and all working odd jobs to get by. I first saw Susan and she didn't remember me all that well and then I met Rosemary and she was happy to see. I met Jane later that night and I stayed the with as they packed up to move as the local council was moving everyone in the shacks on so they could clear the area for development.

I told them they should come back with me to the big city. But at first they weren't very willing as they wouldn't know there way around or where to get casual work.

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I said I will look after you all and when were ready you could do what you wanted to do. Having not told them yet of my good fortune, they were not sure about sure about doing it.

Incest harem stories

So I said Think about and we will see what happens. We all went to bed in the shack for the last, it was early in the morning and Jane into bed with me. She couldn't sleep and wanted to talk about the big City. I was happy to tell her the wonders of the city, she cuddled closer. I got a hard on and started to play with Jane.

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Then I started feel her up and ended up having sex with her, she told me to cum inside. But I did and she was then very worried about getting pregnant. I say Don't worry I'll take care of you. Then we fell asleep together, in the morning we were still asleep together when Rosemary found us.

Incest harem stories

She wasn't happy that Jane might get pregnant. I told Her I could take of you all if I got you all pregnant. Susan asked Rosemary could get pregnant like Jane then as always wanted a baby.

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Rosemary said Jane might not be pregnant yet. I said Well I will try again and see if I can get her pregnant. Rosemary then asked When was I going to get her pregnant and I replied no time like now.

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So I fuck Rosemary and then Susan and took precautions. Later on I sent what they want to keep to my penthouse and got bus tickets for us all and took the long way round back to the big city. Staying motels and having sex with them all, then the night before we were to get to the big City I told them of my inheritance and they were all shocked and I said I wanted us to live together as a family.

Well you probably got us pregnant by now Rosemary said. I had got Jane and Rosemary pregnant and about a month later also was pregnant.

Incestuous harem – by mypenname

Our lives haven't change all that much, we live in a lot better place and can do anything we want. But we still like simple things the most. Also the nice lady at the soup kitchen car kept breaking down on her I bought a new car and went she was given the keys with a note saying Thanks for the hair cut, she almost fainted. Reader comments on the erotic story. By using this website you consent the use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy.