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Patricia is waiting for your seed here: Get me pregnant at pf1. Just hoping you use this type of mechanism in eleanor and LWT…. I appreciated the system to choose with which character we play. This will see the same story on two different angles, especially with the guilty one and the other anger that le to 4 different angles.

However, I do not know if this is due to the format chosen by the size of the game window or just internet explorer but I did not have the full window on my screen, it would sometimes I play with the wheel of my mouse to be able to read everything. Great job Leo! I actually thought this was beter than LWS simply because of the originality of the game de and story. As far as i remember I heard LWT 2 will be of this type.

Well if this mechanism stays with free games thats no problem but if that gets in with the Gold games i dont think many gunna like it cause doing other stuffs is more fun then dialogue choosing only. About the Visuals I prefer the your old style cause they look more realistic except for the high buffs or gymnastic type bodies.

Im not talking about artistsim talking about visuals. I prefer the visuals of the games which lop website has.

Have to agree with the point about the play style. The two-choice forking-narrative format feels very simplified and even limited. Stats building and an economy albeit a simplistic one add to the perceived complexity of the game. This could even lead to features like a more sophisticated save-game funtionality, longer or no day limits, or having different starting states be it playing as different characters or with different goals, etc. All in all I guess I am saying I like the format of your big releases, and I would be disappointed to see too much of a departure from that.

Wow Cavis i hope you are wrong about LWT 2 i mean i agree with you this mechanic is good for free games like this one but for gold games maybe not raesing our main charecter stats and take the path we want according the stats we have atm is better in my opinion.

But the concept might no be good for everygames like Eleonor since she is the only main charecter in the game. Anyway keep giving us information about your work once at every week is enough. But since iksanabit says this mechanism wont be in LWT then thats awesome. LWT2 does not use this mechanic.

I was experimenting with this short game script, trying out a technique for revealing different stories with a limitted of images. In LWT2 you control Justin and raise his prestige stat relative to his cousin to get different scenes. Plus some exploring the environment. Definetely better than the boring raise lots of differents stats. I like to explore the environment, but not of the building stats in a sex game. Being only one stat to build is better, I think.

Looking forward it. Nice little free game, btw. I guess it is just to short, didnt like the mechanic neither, The only think i liked was when u can choose if play as girl o man. Pls leo use ageent one of the most beatiful characters in lop!

Leo, I love the concept and mechanics of the game by having different options based on choices and also being able to play as different people. I think it really sets your games apart and makes the game more dynamic and interesting to play.

Get me pregnant [lession of passion ]

Keep up the excellent work! I love the mechanics and length of this game even though it short, also the new experiment you guys did with playing as a female character or male first time seeing in on pf1 and having the endings different really wonderful job you guys did.

I hope you guys use this experiment in the next game or other new games.

The fact that you could play as either character was really unique and I enjoyed that a lot! Story was good for how short it was!

Get me pregnant

They are few and far between and no one but you guys do them well. Great game, could hardly be better for the length. Also advancin gby making story-relevant and character-defining decisions is infinitely more satisfying than repetitive stat-building. All the fetishes are highly relevant to my interests, as they say. Give the characters more background and this could easily turn into a great longer game.

The art was amazing, too. Huge, huge thumbs up all round!

But I think it should have another background instead of pregnancy, like, something more hardcore. Hi all, at first: I like the mechanics, the artwork is as awsome as always and the different sights of the chars to play is a good idea! And the storyline itself? Priests who abuse chlidren??? Sry, that was a bit harsh, but I really ask myself, why you decided to publish such a story?!

For some men this is no phantasy but the sad reality to have to pay for it …. Will you ever use agent again? Well, i hope Leo and the gangs would listen to create it. Ye she is so damn hot. Hi all! I want to share the story of my life. Somebody can me help with this? E-mail adress would be great. The game can pretty much be reduced to a bunch of decisions between 0 and 1, and depending on your string of 0s and 1s, you get an ending and some cg.

First of all, the model used in this game is smoking hot.

Anyways, concerning the new format. Sylvia and Nick had a very similar progression format, but it was way more immersive than this game.

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I say stick with that. I do still like the stat building aspect, but as some have said, the grind gets to be a burden once you play it more than once. Leo news for eleanor 2?

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