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How old am I: 31
Hobby: Horny House Wifes Search Hot Sex Tonight Seeking Real Peeps For Friendship
Where am I from: I'm kazakh
My hair: Chestnut
My Sign of the zodiac: Cancer
What is my figure type: I'm quite slim
What I like to listen: Folk
Hobbies: Collecting

Cuck is short for cuckold or cuckservative which blends cuckold and conservative. With cuckold this idea of duplicity and unfaithfulness was applied to human relations, while similar phenomena elsewhere in nature saw the word extended to species like the cuckold-fishcuckold-flyand cuckold-tree. The connection is more direct in modern French, where a cuckold is simply a cocu. See this video by etymology specialists Alliterative for more on these connections.

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In her blog yesterday, Susie Bright went farther, offering a thoughtful, if partly speculative, psychosexual profile of the cuckolded [political] wife, and dropping in along the way the unsurprisingly underused Canterbury Tales-tastic term cuckquean. Sure, sure.

But what interests Bright more is what's behind that game face -- that is, how these wives feel about the ostensible sexual vacuum in their bedrooms -- and why we don't talk about that. For all the spicy details we've learned recently about tearoom cruising or diaper fetishes -- the man's sex life -- when does the subject turn to the sexual lives of the cuckolded women?

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I'd argue that we are actually plenty able to imagine a woman's sexual outrage -- pruriently so, in fact. To me, that's why female sexual desire, at any rate, is so often portrayed as a "mania" "nympho-," to be precise.

And that seems to be where the "terror" comes in. The cuckquean may look cucumber cool at the press conference, live from Stepford -- but, Bright says, be afraid, very afraid. If she was deceived or deprived of those big eggs, or if she never knew what to do with them in the first place, she's been damaged, and it's no careless stripping," Bright writes.

She also writes for the New York Times, Glamour, and many others.

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