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Fallout 4's Perception Rank 9 allows you to unlock the Penetrator Perk, one which offers great promise in making enemy cover ineffective. This guide explains the Perk's mechanics and how you can make good use of it to snipe your enemies.

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File information Last updated 05 June AM. Original 16 June AM. ed by BourneMcReady.

Virus scan Safe to use. Tags for this mod Fair and balanced Tag this mod. About this mod Replaces the effects of the penetrator perk with an incredibly boring but bug free alternative. Requirements This mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game.

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Unmodded penetrator perk: "There's no place to hide! The perk is not useless, as it has many benefits listed above. You could potentially make a very fun play style surrounding this perk in its vanilla form.

This mod's penetrator perk: "They'll need more than that to stop the pain! But remember, "Energy Resistance" and "Damage Resistance" are not the same thing, same as with the Rifleman perk or penetrating legendary effects.

How it works and why it's a good perk

It's a little confusing and is kind of disappointing if you prefer laser weapons, but that's just how the game is. I hope one day we can make armor pen effects work on energy weapons. To clarify, this mod works on all attacks except things that are considered energy - this includes melee attacks. Q: Is it less fun? A: Yes. Q: Is it buggy?

A: Nope, that's the point. If there is ever an unintended effect with this mod it will be very easy to quickly fix.

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Q: Is the perk still useful? The unmodded penetrator can one shot any power armor enemy by targeting the fusion core, so it at least retains some of the spirit of the best use of the perk.

If you for some reason have high perception on a melee character, you now have a really good perk to take as it works on melee attacks. This perk now works outside of VATS.

This means sniper characters who didn't use VATS now have a reason to get their perception to 9.