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VNDB score: 7. Available in English. VN has gameplay. Desktop version available.

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Dorei to no seikatsu -teaching feeling- full game

Forgot your password? Then dialogue, stuff happens and your able to make drugs. Need the wine for later drugged scenes. Reccomend saving before trying all of these out, incase you picked the wrong option or messed up so you dont have to do everything over again. Second Is when shes wearing the Sleeveless Dress and your in the Forest you pick the "Rest in shade" option then two choices pop up you click "Kiss Sylvie" then you can choose what ever event you want both appear in the memories thing. The other 2 in the section are the same just with different Lust levels.

[eng] dorei to no seikatsu -teaching feeling- free download

Third memory should be when shes able to give "Head" like the second memories the other sections are just levels of Lust. Fourth is when your being a dick and making her wait for your "PEEN" this time its not the "Lust" level its just how long your making her wait for the D. Her next time is when she pulls dorei to no seikatsu feeling her clothing and shows her "drenched CAT" then you click I think to bed or what ever then you should get scene.

Then her last scene is when you keep refusing and she just couldn't take it anymore and pretty much rapes you in bed when waking up. While doing this you can get the "Self" memories i think its when you refused her for the 2nd time and go out alone before getting roped in bed then come home to find her not greeting you at the door then after some dialogue you find her "OOH YEAAHHH! Fifth is her wearing nurse outfit and having like lust can try without having lust because i havent you need to drug her when doing tea time with the pinkflowers can find in the Forest then you go to work, when working you or her gets the Horns and decide to do the sexy time after the days over then you select options and get scene.

Sixth is the Drunk stuff you wait till night and make her hella drunk then touch her nipples like how your able to when shes just sitting there.

You repeat the same steps just with different lust levels. Seventh is the Kitchen stuff she needs to be wearing "Baby doll" clothes can acquire when your able to leave by your self at night to the shop to buy them when shes wearing it you can get the scene during cycling through to the noon like in the time thing, stuff bar. I had like lust when finding out i could do all of these so they were easy and the stuff about the Shop girl and Cafe girl i havent figured it out yet. I unlocked every scene on every lust level already what do you guys suggest i do next?

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Dorei to no seikatsu -teaching feeling- full game

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How do you unlock kitchen scene? Please give me detailed explanation.

Link to post Share on other sites. Djura 0 Posted February Posted February How to unlocking ALL of the memories.

Not in order just doing these by how i did it kind of and figured out later. Eychi 0 Posted May 1. Posted May 1. ThatWeeb 0 Posted June Posted June You need to let her suck ur finger 2 times then get bj. Lol 0 Posted June How to get the full memories of 2? How to unlock memories at second ? the conversation You can post now and register later.

Dorei to no seikatsu -teaching feeling-

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