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Crusoe Had It Easy is one of the best adult games. If you like this game, then you might also need its cheat codes or Walkthrough to achieve various type of endings. As this is a web-based game, it has various endings that are based on the choices you make inside the game.

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Here, one thing to note is, the greenery creates on the north side of the trees, yet you are living on the western side of the island.

Thusly, find the herb and take it when you see it. At long last, when you cook, use the herb in her sustenance. Right when the youngster is napping, you need to not rest and rather select "Stroke her carefully", "Get in touch with her chests", "Cross it", in conclusion "Go on.

Aggressor So as to get this conclusion, you bring to the table to cook for Sophie, don't go out for a walk, Tell Sophie her bathing suit has come disentangled. Next, don't overextend yourself. Leave the snakebite for what it's worth. In like manner, Go calculating.

Take the additional roots for yourself. At last, on the third night when the youngster is napping, you need to not rest and rather select "Stroke her carefully", "Reach her chests", "Cross it", ultimately "Go on.

Crusoe had it easy

After dinner, go for a stroll together. There, ask her "what she misses the most".

At the point when incited, pick "you miss sustenance the most". Thell Sophie when her top gets fixed. Next, you need to choose to head into the forested areas.

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After Sophie's been snacked by a snake, don't choose to stay Crusoe Had it Easy Walkthrough with her. Right when you get back, let Sophie have the couple of roots you had left wrapped up. At long last, On the third night, pick "Rest" or "Endeavor to come back to rest".

Nothing to Tell To benefit this fulfillment you need to seek after indistinct steps from in "Doubts", yet finally part, don't choose to rest and pick "Stroke her carefully", by then select "Get in touch with her chests", "Cross it", lastly select "Go on. Type these cheats in the guideline menu of the game. The cheats are according to the accompanying: "odysseyofthelostbikinibottom" — No bathing suit base.

Crusoe had it easy [completed]

Final Words. By and by don't hesitate to endeavor to play the game using the recently referenced information and see how they are working for you. In like manner for any requests, don't stop for a second to leave a comment underneath.

Crusoe Had It Easy, is a bewildering game for adults, both certifiable adults and with the fake ID adults. Down underneath you are going to see 7 different walkthroughs of the game.

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The most interesting part about this game is that the game is portrayed in 13 gaming sorts. All these gaming sorts of the game were accumulated from Visual Novel Database. Crusoe Had it Easy Walkthrough.