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As I said, there will be an update every month no matter how small an update it is.

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So let me give you guys a brief rundown on what happened in the month of No Nut November. Due to my history with helping other developers in the baby stages of the western H-scene as well as me owning LewdGamer.

While slightly hesitant at first due to still working on my own project, I realized the situation I was in personally for my own project could greatly benefit from extra funds.

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Plus, I planned on doing publishing anyway in the long term, so I felt like giving it shot. I had absolutely no involvement at all in this project. Instead, my job was to help market the game and weave through the insufferable void that is Steam when it came to the product.

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Even with the AO rating filter that causes less visibility on Steam overall. Snow Daze has provided me with some good data that will also help with the successful final release of Demons.

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Accordingly, the plan is to ship out the wall scrolls that are owed to people starting in January. I know it's rather uncommon for physicals to get shipped before the project is ready, but think of it as a show of dedication. So what does this mean for Demons?

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Thanks for sticking with us, and we'll see you next month!