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I really love your blog! It makes my heart happy to see such a positive thing out in the world :. Answer: Thank you!

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Will do one soon and more frequently.

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I promise!!!! Small update kimber is loving preschool and ezra is well my crazy child that kid is going to give me a heart attack. We have been saving to bug a house and well we have new bunnies!!!! Will be posting photos of them.

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Well thats it for now thank you for following!!!! Reblogged: moonlightbambii. Reblogged: slayli-ng. Reblogged: kayla-face. Reblogged: purplepearls Reblogged: sensitive-virgo-deactivated I need a person who is willing to do anything to make me feel like a Queen… and believe me, I would remind him of the King he was born to be, if he let me.

I want our dumb fights to morph into make-up sex and laughter.

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If he is willing to give me all his love, I would do the same. Reblogged: thestonervixen.

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A lot has been going on the last few months. The main thing being the transition in to adulthood for me with getting a job.

Celebrity couples who have talked about being in interracial relationships

Aaaaand Keven graduated from college this weekend with his bachelors! Also check out our moms just so proud. Always on the phone and what not We hosted a Christmas party the next day and blah blah blah. Also, we can announce that we set a wedding date!!!

1. trends and patterns in intermarriage

So this whole next year will be dedicated to wedding planning. Reblogged: kevenandlexi-deactivated Reblogged: jaytaipei.

Reblogged: lk-je. Reblogged: sakurasecrets. Reblogged: inkokomo-blog. To show my husband my appreciation of how hard working and how great of a spouse he is.

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He never seen a ballet and his face was priceless, he kept telling me this is the best date he ever been on and how lucky he was. Reblogged: donironi.

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Reblogged: ourambwrelationship. Hello, I just would like to say that it is really refreshing to see this site. It give me confidence and assurance that there is people out there that find interracial couples beautiful. It makes me really sad. Also, I love how you talk about fetishization and how you set the difference between appreciation and just a plain fetish.

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Your blog really gives me great comfort. If the source of a photo or video is known it will be given credit. My purpose is simply to spread AMBW love through education. All photo credit goes to the respective owners and no copyright infringement is intended. Our apologizes in advance if your photo has been displayed without the proper credit.

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See one of your photos posted? Once I have received your I will modify the post with the proper credit.

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