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University city campus tour

April 27, Staff Writers. There are a lot of things that have to click to make a truly great college town.

The towns at the top of our list have all of the above, while towns featuring only a handful of our criteria are ranked lower. As an example, 50th ranked Tacoma has high livability and large employer scores, it lacks somewhat in the other three, particularly in student-to-resident ratio and school presence.

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We recognize that everyone values different things in their college towns, but in an effort to establish diversity of views in the ranking of college towns, we have decided on the above criteria as a valuable way to highlight the towns that truly are a great part of our college experience, before, during, and after school.

A light rail system also runs through town and through to Seattle. Art, seafood, microbreweries, and coffee make Tacoma a joy similar to Seattle, just a bit smaller.

The 50 best college towns in america

Directly adjacent to the capital of Michigan LansingEast Lansing is an important economic center and home to two medical schools, one veterinary school, two law big city campus game, and Michigan State University. Each year, East Lansing hosts a of festivals. A large of neighborhoods have local traditions and scheduled events, and cultural offerings abound through theaters and museums.

General Motors, as well as four major national insurance companies call East Lansing and Lansing home. Sincehigh-speed internet has been available in East Lansing, providing a great environment for tech companies and research academic and otherwise.

With many urban renewal projects in the works, East Lansing continues to improve year to year, building on its reputation as a great college town. Like most of the larger state around it, most of life in Tuscaloosa centers around the University of Alabama particularly their sports teams leading to a great camaraderie. Tuscaloosa boasts a diversified economy including a Mercedes-Benz assembly plant, BF Goodrich Tire manufacturing, and numerous healthcare companies.

Flagstaff is home to Northern Arizona University, a of large corporations, a strong cultural presence, and proximity to the Grand Canyon. A of theaters, festivals, and music events provide a vibrant cultural experience.

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The Lowell Observatory and United States Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station provide scientific jobs in the community, and have recently coupled with the Discovery Channel to build a new telescope for future projects. Bozeman is home to Montana State University and unrivaled access to recreational and outdoor activities. From fly fishing, to rock climbing, to skiing, spelunking, or just exploring, Bozeman has it all.

For being relatively small, Bozeman offers an astounding of coffee shops, bars, art galleries and restaurants, and cultural offerings are always present at the university. A of tech startups call Bozeman home, with over a dozen bio tech companies, and at least eight tech companies engaged in research or production of laser optic equipment.

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Though recently losing one, Tempe has been the home of the headquarters and executive offices of two Fortune companies: US Airways and Insight Enterprises. In tandem with a growing university and thriving economy, Tempe offers wonderful hospitality, shopping, and housing options. One of the oldest cities in the state of California offers Spanish and Native American historical sites, views of the Santa Lucia Mountains, and access to the coast. With a larger metro area, there are a of large employers including the University, Pacific Gas and Electric, and Tenet Healthcare. Home to the Claremont Colleges, a quiet community, and access to L.

Outdoor activities are ever accessible as well, as you can go skiing or snowboarding in the San Gabriel Mountains, and swimming in the Pacific on the same day. Eugene has lots of green space, and uncontested views of Skinner Butte and Mount Pisgah. Grand Forks offers the cultural accoutrements expected of a college town thanks to the University of North Dakota, while also offering a strong and diversified economy and low cost of living.

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Industries employing the most residents of Grand Forks include defense, healthcare, education, food processing, and research. Like many of the best college towns on our list, Fayetteville ranks highly as a town in which to start a business or retire. Forbes ranked Fayetteville as the 8th best city for business and careers in US News ranks Fayetteville as one of the best towns to retire in the nation. Home to the University of Arkansas, and accompanying local bars, restaurants, coffee shops and cultural events, Fayetteville offers everything you would want from a college town set in the beautiful Ozark Mountains.

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Thanks to a devoted student and community fan base, and some talented Athenians, a of big city campus game music acts have come out of Athens, including Neutral Milk Hotel, Danger Mouse, Widespread Panic, and R. While the University of Georgia is the largest employer in the town, healthcare and heavy industry feature heavily on the largest employers list. Through Illinois State University, a of cultural offerings, sports events, and businesses catering to student nightlife are present.

Large employers like State Farm Insurance, Mitsubishi, and Country Financial, coupled with a low cost of living make Bloomington a great location for young college town seekers. Home to University of Mississippi, Oxford sports deep south charm and is known for a polished night life, and famous southern authors and artists. Due to its college town vibes and proximity to Nashville, Memphis, and New Orleans, Oxford has a unique and varied music scene, with big acts often stopping between larger cities.

Bloomington, named for the prolific blooms spotted by settlers, often lives up to its name. Home to Indiana University, often named one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation, and a deated Tree City, Bloomington is a beautiful town. A wide array of support services and entrepreneurial community help Bloomington to retain and attract talent.

With numerous festivals, restaurants, shopping, and drinking establishments, as well as tons of outdoor opportunities, Bloomington is an immensely livable city. Waterloo and Cedar Falls are home to University of Northern Iowa, one of the most progressive populaces in the state, and a growing tech presence. In recognition that not everyone wants to move to a small town, the city has taken many steps in recent years to retain talent and attract highly-skilled workers.

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The UNI incubator program has housed many up and coming tech firms, and the city is in the process of redoing many trails to enhance quality of life. Downtown is bustling with restaurants and nightlife, and the Waterloo is home to one of the largest homosexual population in Iowa; a yearly gay pride parade called the Cedar Valley Pridefest draws crowds from around the region.

Logan is home to Utah State University. Purdue University, around much of town life and economy revolves. The Wabash river offers great outdoor opportunities, and local brewing at the Lafayette Brewing Company, as well as a host of other local restaurants and bars offers a great time.

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Though small, Manhattan has been voted one of the top ten places to retire young by CNN and Money magazine. Tallgrass Brewing Co offers homegrown brews. Syracuse is the economic and educational hub for central New York, a region of over 1 million residents. This being said it has the offerings of a large metro area, while also being the home of centrally located Syracuse University, some schools of the State University of New York, and Le Moyne College. Cultural offerings such as theaters, opera, museums, classical music, and a vibrant nightlife complement life in Syracuse.

Msoe campus experience

Columbia has a reputation of progressive politics, protected journalism and public art centering around University of Missouri, Columbia College, and Stephens College. Numerous restaurants and venues that bring some of the best indie and jazz artists through Columbia help keep the town busy at nights. Binghamton is home to Binghamton University, is an economic powerhouse, and a regional cultural center. Centered around the defense industry, there are tons of employment opportunities for graduates or newcomers.

The city is home to a variety of festivals, a large gathering of art galleries downtown, and the regions premiere philharmonic. Besides those who move to town, talent for the education, health, and information technology sectors comes from University of Nebraska, Union College, and Nebraska Wesleyan University.

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Due to a stable economy, good schools, and size, Lincoln has been considered one of the most welcoming cities for immigrants and those moving from elsewhere in the US for many years. Many prominent artists and writers also live in Amherst today. As one might expect, along with prominent artistic and cultural events, Amherst is also a center of liberal politics. While the Universities are the largest employers in Amherst proper, a of larger economic centers are within commuting range.

As far as offerings, a full Minneapolis offers the best of both a college town and a larger city. Cambridge is perhaps best known as an intellectual powerhouse. While Harvard and MIT are the largest employers, the level of highly qualified gr makes Cambridge a center of tech and research activity.

Stapes, Hewlett-Packard and Amazon.

The University of Vermont, Burlington College and Champlain College round out the student population in this college town. A vibrant musical, artistic, and cultural scene make this small town an exciting place to visit or stay. Phish originated in Burlington, and it is home to the Emily Post Institute an etiquette organization. Traditionally reliant on an agricultural economy, in recent years Fargo has developed food processing, manufacturing, technology, retail, education and healthcare economic sectors.

In Forbes ranked Fargo as the 7th best small city in the nation to start a business or work. This small city lies not far from Pittsburgh and D. The Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit connects the three campuses of West Virginia University and downtown, providing a unique public transit option with good coverage of the town.

Big city campus

A long list of yearly festivals, dining, and entertainment options attract interest from both local residents and tourists. Hartford is one of the oldest cities in the US. An economic powerhouse for its size, Hartford is home to most notably University of Connecticut law school, Trinity College, and University of Hartford.

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