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If you are wandering for some wild and real-life experiences, then this is the perfect platform for you. Till how long will you watch porn videos and masturbate?

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Sometimes I beat around the bush.

My official review of adultlook

I am sharing everything I know about it to help you make better decisions. Just to get this out of the way before I start my review, I have to make sure I mention that using paid sex workers, no matter what you call them, is pretty much still illegal here in the good old USA. I know you can go to that famous ranch out in Nevada, but otherwise, you still cannot pay someone to have sex with you.

This site is supposedly going to connect sex workers with the men who appreciate them, but does it really achieve its purpose? Well, my friends, I took some time to poke around on Adultlook to see if it was really going deliver on what it promised, or if those guys looking for a good time were going to be disappointed.

When I first landed on Adultlook, I was underwhelmed. Adultlook offers up its services worldwide and what you experience in your area may vary from what I found in mine.

Once I agreed to the weak terms and conditions, I decided to see what I could find in a medium-sized city. I know not everyone lives in New York or Miami, but you might be from a city more Pittsburgh-sized.

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Now, for a site that claims to have almost 40, registered profiles, it was kind of disappointing to see only 66 female escorts, 8 transsexual escorts, and one guy in Pittsburgh. The girls are all too hot.

Like definitely way too hot. If they are, maybe I need to move to Pittsburgh.

I will give them props, the girls all seem to have appropriate area codes with their phone s. I guess.

My favorite app

The one positive I saw was the correct area codes in Pittsburgh, but I wondered if that was true for other cities. What I came across was actually a bit different.

Some of the girls were listed in multiple cities across the country and these cities were nowhere near each other. When you find a profile you like, you can see when the girls last logged into their profiles. Adultlook is crowded with links to other supposed legit sites.

All of the at the top of the landing of Adultlook are just advertisements looking to take you away to other sites. I think it is nothing but a shady site looking to play off of the horniness of men.

I honestly think that Adultlook exists just as a method of advertising other shady dating sites and for no other reason. However, if you find an actual sex worker on Adultlook and have an illegally good time, well I guess there are actually some legit if you dig deep enough.

Adult look review

Be careful, use your brain, and if anything seems off, it probably is. Now go play but do it safely.

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